In January 2021 CRS Music Management was named by media in a story alleging CRS director and artist manager Paul McKessar had engaged in inappropriate relationships with two artists he had managed.  
In response, Paul was stood down from his roles and I engaged specialist Wellington lawyer Gillian Warren to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations. I also invited Ms Warren to make any recommendations to ensure that CRS provides a safe environment for artists and employees going forward. Ms Warren has now concluded her investigation. An extract of the report including the findings and recommendations is attached. 
While critical of Pauls behaviour, Ms Warren finds that CRS’s culture has considerable strengths and the company has a good reputation for growing and mentoring artists. Where Ms Warren identifies room for improvement, CRS accepts the findings and will implement the changes she recommends.
From the outset it was important to me that CRS took all steps to ensure the inappropriate conduct was identified and addressed. Part of that response was bringing in an independent expert to test whether those incidents highlighted in the media were part of a much bigger issue at CRS. Ms Warren found they were not.
Also in her report, Ms Warren makes some helpful observations about the music industry and how all of us working in the industry can keep artists safe, particularly younger or emerging artists. The attached extract also includes a discussion about the role of managers and I encourage everyone working in the industry to reflect on these observations. 
Finally, I want to thank everyone who cooperated with Ms Warren’s investigation, particularly the affected artists.
Campbell Smith 
CRS Music Management 
CRS Music